How We Met

Stephanie & Sergey met in 2003. We lived on opposites sides of the country at the time but were destined to be together. During the summer of 2003, both Stephanie and Sergey joined a student ambassador program during high school that sent them to Europe for three weeks, and they were in the same group of 40 kids. We quickly became best friends, and once we returned home to our respective states, we would speak on the phone every day. Eight months later we could not deny our connection and decided to make it official. For two years we had a long distance relationship, seeing each other every couple months until Stephanie moved across the country to be with Sergey during college. Then we were inseparable. It was two years later that Sergey proposed to Stephanie during Christmas break. Another two years later, Stephanie & Sergey moved back to Stephanie’s home state of New York and got married. We had a beautiful wedding at an aquarium surrounded by family and friends and have been living happily ever since. 

About Stephanie

I grew up on Long Island, NY surrounded by my big family. I am an only child, but was always with my cousins that felt more like siblings. I have known my best friend since we were two years old and she is as much a sister to me as any biological sibling would have been. When I was young, I would spend my days playing at the school playground or at my grandparent’s house down the street. I loved having my grandparents so close. I look back on those times with big smiles and great memories. 

Now as an adult, I am still very close to my family, spending as much time as possible with them. I try to see my Grandma weekly, and we have a monthly grandkid game day where all my cousins get together at my Grandma’s house to play games. Her face lights up every time. I own an online clothing boutique that I run from home. I love having the flexibility to set my own hours. I opened my boutique for one main reason, I want to be a stay at home mom. Now with my boutique, I can stay at home with our baby while still providing for our family. 

About Sergey

I was originally born in Ukraine and moved to America when I was almost four years old. We moved to Utah with the help of a family  who sponsored our emigration from the Soviet Union. As the  youngest of 4 siblings, I truly got the "big family" experience, and it  has definitely taught me the importance of sharing, patience, and communication.

My days growing up were typically spent outside, exploring the world with family and friends. Camping was a near weekly experience during the summer and has fostered a love of nature that I would love to instill in our future children. When I wasn't playing outside, I was typically learning the ins and outs of computers, which ultimately lead to a career in software development. My current passions are in retro gaming and home improvement, although my hobbies know no bounds.

Us As A Couple

Whether we're building new furniture for the house, sitting at home playing Super Mario, or even taking our dog Kiki out for a trip to the park, we are always doing something together, and always have something to occupy our time. We can't wait to share our lives, our families, and our passions with a baby. 

Steph & Sergey wish to adopt a baby.

Celebrating Sergey's 30th Birthday with an 80's theme party!

Steph & Sergey wish to adopt a baby.

Steph & Sergey in Baltimore at the Ravens vs Giants football game

Steph & Sergey wish to adopt a baby.

We're just big goofballs

Steph & Sergey wish to adopt a baby.

Celebrating Christmas Time

Steph & Sergey wish to adopt a baby.

Visiting the Space Needle in Seattle

Our Furbaby, Kiki

Kiki came into our lives unexpectedly in the summer of 2015. We had heard of this puppy needing a home so we went to meet her and couldn't walk away. We knew she was meant to come home with us and we couldn’t have asked for a sweeter puppy! Kiki is a five-year-old Husky/Shepard mix. She loves everyone she meets, and everyone loves her! She is such a gentle dog and a true lovebug! Whether we're at the park or visiting other doggy friends, almost every weekend you'll find us out with her. 

Thanks For Getting To Know Us!

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Steph & Sergey wish to adopt a baby.

Visiting the Space Needle in Seattle